Crochet Towel Ring

CroWe almost always keep a towel of some kind on our stove handle. Since our kitchen is on the smaller side (that is  – about an arm-span wide) it’s handy to have a towel directly behind you to dry your hands on after washing them. I love my knit hanging towels and my crochet topped hanging towels, but we also have a drawer full of kitchen towels begging to be used as well. I decided to give a crochet towel ring a try to make use of these towels too.
I tried a couple of different patterns before landing on the one I eventually used. Some people include a shower ring, which I understand but was not something I wanted for my towel ring.  Fabi’s pattern was easy to follow and created just what I needed, a small ring for my stove. I’m very happy with the results!

Ravellenic Games 2014 – Owl Scrubbie

One of the best things about participating in the Ravellenic Games is I’ve been encouraged to go ahead and try several small projects that I’ve come across. I love smaller projects because, while I do enjoy other parts of the process, having a completed project is my favorite part of crafting.

There are so many cute owl projects out there these days, thanks to their popularity. I have several in my favorites list that I hope to get to one day, but I thought a variation on this pattern might be a great one to whip up for the games.

I love the ideas behind the original pattern, but I made some adjustments to make it work for the supplies I had on had. I don’t currently own any nylon that I can use, so instead I made a one layer small owl scrubbie. I love little cotton scrubbies this size for getting down in cups and pots and bowls and really being able to get some power in your scrub.

I’m happy with how this little guy turned out and picture many more cute owl scrubbies in my future. It’s a great stash buster. Recognize that cream yarn from my frogged babydoll dress?

Be Mine Dishcloth and Towel

Despite really enjoying knitting and crochet, we don’t have many of my handmade goodies around our home. I realized that I had this issue one day when I was using my hand-knit pumpkin dishcloth because I love the feeling of hand-knit dishcloths. The only problem? I was using it in January. Yeah.. that’s much past pumpkin season in my world. I’ve been really at it this year, knitting and crocheting a ton for Christmas (and other holiday) gifts, but I’ve been making a point between projects to make a quick knit or crochet for our home.

The Blissful Moss Rib Dishcloth and the Leftover Towel have been two of my favorite patterns that I’ve knit in the past. I love the feel of both of these knits and I love crocheting and knitting things for the kitchen. I called these a “Be Mine” set, since I finished these on Valentine’s Day weekend. But truth be told, I’m likely to use these all year long.

The Apple Cozy

I’ve said before that if I wasn’t careful I’d cozy my whole house. Cozies, like my cup cozies, are cute, functional, and just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And, well, yes, I do realize they might be a little dorky. But that makes me love them all the more.

I recently added a new cozy to my collection:

The apple cozy.

I found the free pattern for this cute apple cozy on Ravelry. It worked up very quickly (within an hour or so with some scrap yarn I had leftover from washcloths) and I love how it turned out. A great way to keep my fruit a little protected when I throw it into my bag to go to work. Also, it never hurts to make things a little cuter. Maybe the cuteness will increase the amount of fruit in my diet!