Be Mine Dishcloth and Towel

Despite really enjoying knitting and crochet, we don’t have many of my handmade goodies around our home. I realized that I had this issue one day when I was using my hand-knit pumpkin dishcloth because I love the feeling of hand-knit dishcloths. The only problem? I was using it in January. Yeah.. that’s much past pumpkin season in my world. I’ve been really at it this year, knitting and crocheting a ton for Christmas (and other holiday) gifts, but I’ve been making a point between projects to make a quick knit or crochet for our home.

The Blissful Moss Rib Dishcloth and the Leftover Towel have been two of my favorite patterns that I’ve knit in the past. I love the feel of both of these knits and I love crocheting and knitting things for the kitchen. I called these a “Be Mine” set, since I finished these on Valentine’s Day weekend. But truth be told, I’m likely to use these all year long.

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